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Epitome™ 2 Bottle Special - Evolutionary Muse

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$ 44.99

Epitome | Fat Loss Amplifier

Epitome™ is a brand new, cutting-edge development in fat loss. It works in ways we've only previously been able to fantasize about. Epitome helps control appetite and accelerates fat burning by manipulation of the leptin pathway. By increasing leptin sensitivity and keeping leptin levels within normal range, the brain and body self-adjust to drive your physique where it should be: Lean. Leptin signals will tell your body that it's not hungry while at the same time telling your brain to burn that fat!

With the addition of Gypenosides we boost AMPK signals, literally causing the body to react as if you are smack dab in the middle of a heavy demanding workout, causing additional acceleration of fat loss. Epitome is exactly what it promises – the epitome of fat loss.

Fat Loss Amplifier

120 Capsules

  Birch Bark Extract 20:1 200 mg
  Orthosiphon Stamineus Ethanol Leaf Extract 20:1 100 mg
  Gynostemma Pentaphyllum 98% 125 mg
  Stem Bromelain (800,000 U/g) 300 mg
  Betulinic Acid/Ascorbic Acid Crystalline Complex 33 mg
  Magnolia Officinalis (60% Magnolol) 150 mg
  Semen Cassiae 20:1 Hydroalcoholic 200 mg
  Chitosan 50 mg

Directions: Take 2 capsules twice per day.

Quick Update

We have moved to a MUCH upgraded formula, while trying to keep the price close to the same. Upgrades are:

Orthosiphon Stamineus - A potent herb that normalizes leptin levels and enhances leptin signals.

Betulinic Acid/Ascorbic Acid Cocrystals - Unique to Epitome, this cocrystal form enhances absorption 17-fold over herbally extracted Betulinic Acid, making this incredibly potent. BA covers several critical bases which include restoring vascular function, helping to clear vascular deposits of plaque, restoring insulin signaling and reversing insulin resistance.

Magnolol - A potent Magnolia compound which suppresses cortisol induced visceral fat accumulation (belly fat), inhibits aromatase, as well as inhibiting PTP-1B (same as BA).

Gypenosides - A potent AMPK activator, which amplifies workout fuel usage as well as triggering lipolysis. Inclusion of this pathway insures that even those that are highly obese will reap potent benefits even before they are able to fully establish a workout regimen.

Stem Bromelain - Using the absolute most potent available, Stem Bromelain suppresses an enzyme called PDE-3B. PDE-3B is an enzyme triggered by elevated insulin levels which basically prevents lipolysis from occurring after the ingestion of carbs (highly simplified). By inhibiting this enzyme, in context of the rest of the interworking formula, the body begins burning fat around the clock.

Semen Cassiae - An ingredient that boosts lipolytic function. Working with the rest of the formula, Semen Cassiae accelerates the release of fatty acids from fat cells to be burned, as well as boosting fat burning pathways.

Chitosan - A deacetylated chitin (non-allergenic) that forms a gel that adheres to the intestinal wall, basically pushing the active ingredients up against the intestinal cells for absorption enhancement.

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