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BRITE Enhanced Capsules

Evolutionary Muse

BRITE Enhanced Capsules

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Transform Damaging White Fat into Metabolically Hyperactive BRITE Fat 

In 2013, Evolutionary Muse™ rocked the industry by releasing the first product designed to cause white adipocytes to convert into BRITE adipocytes. Aptly named BRITE™, these adipocytes are named for being BROWN IN WHITE cells — white adipocytes which behave like brown adipocytes. Brown adipocytes are metabolically active cells which, unlike white adipocytes, use their fat stores to generate body heat. Long thought to be non-existent or very rare in humans, brown adipocytes were discovered to be quite active, though through evolution, environmental mastery (i.e., comfortable living via climate control), and more than adequate dietary satisfaction (leading to its own hormonal milieu), brown fat activation became almost dormant. This brown fat:white fat reduction has instead led to massive insulin resistance, leptin chaos, and major obesity.
With years more painstaking research, Evolutionary Muse has once again taken huge leaps forward, finally perfecting a formula that is easily encapsulated in a powdered version, while delivering a powerhouse formula that triggers a huge shift in damaging white fat towards metabolically hyperactive BRITE fat.

Adipocyte Conversion Formula
120 Capsules
Butcher's Broom 20:1  100 mg
Forskolin 10%  75 mg
Fucoxanthin 40%  50 mg
Octopamine HCl  75 mg
Pau D'Arco Alcohol Extract 20:1  125 mg
Andrographolides 25:1  100 mg
Gypenosides 98%  125 mg
Menthol  25 mg
Piperonal  25 mg
Black Pepper Extract 20%  25 mg
Trans-cinnamaldehyde  25 mg
Bitter Melon Seed Powder  250 mg
Wasabi Leaf Extract 20:1  75 mg
Safflower Leaf Extract 20:1  75 mg

Directions: Take 2 capsules twice per day with plenty of water.
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