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Absolutely Abliderated

Evolutionary Muse

Absolutely Abliderated

$ 46.99

Absolutely Abliderated is the ultimate formula for localized cortisol control. Using a specialized carrier formula, absolutely Abliderated delivers potent cortisol blocking ingredients into local adipose tissue, blocking the signal for the body to create deadly visceral fat, as well as blocking inflammatory adipokines from sabotaging fat burning.

Results are a rapid and dramatic decrease in waist circumference.



Rub one quarter sized amount around entire midsection.

Absolutely Abliderated Ingredients:

Isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, water, octyl salicylate, d-limonene, soya lecithin, Euphorbia Kansui Triterpenoid extract, 7-OXO DHEA, Phosphatidylserine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Omega-3 Complex, Magnesium Chloride, Nobiletin, Cholecalciferol.

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