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Testruction™ 2 Bottle Sale - Evolutionary Muse

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Testruction 2 Bottle Sale

$ 60.00

Testruction | Masculinity Booster

Testruction™ has been formulated to optimize testosterone levels and androgen receptor responsiveness for maximum muscle gain, as well as increased libido and sexual performance. This unique formula, based on the most current research, is designed to make you perform better in the gym and the bedroom with a multi-angled approach to help optimize a few of your favorite things in life.

Testruction is the perfect tool to maximize performance and muscle gain, dramatically increase performance and libido, harden your physique, increase blood flow resulting in stronger, harder erections, and give you that mental boost and aggressive push you need to satisfy your hunger in the gym and in the bedroom.

Masculinity Booster
180 Capsules

  E. Ulmoides 500 mg
  Butea Superba 200 mg
  Long Jack 100:1 240 mg
  Naringenin/Cyclodextrin Complex 100 mg
  Maca 20:1 200 mg
  Morinda Officinalis F.C. 100 mg
  Astragalus Membranaceous 75 mg

Directions: Take 3 capsules twice a day with food.

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