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HUNG* 2 ounce 1 per customer

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HUNG* 2 ounce 1 per customer

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Before final packaging (and branding). Product only.

This is the final formula, in-house developed and tested.

Final packaging is in design phase, but the product is being offered due to overwhelming customer demand.


*This will not be the final name due to an existing trademark.

We are delving into a deceptively complicated subject here. One that has eluded my mastery for going on two decades, and that is just now coalescing into a masterpiece. I’m sure that in the coming years our understanding will increase even more, allowing for updates.

Goal/Product Statement

HUNG* is designed as a corollary product to be used with exercise/stretching stimuli to amplify body response, healing, and ultimately increases in not only length and girth but healthy function through vascular remodeling and restoration of youthful NO response and smooth vascular muscle dilation/contraction to optimize blood flow for ideal erectile response.

NOTE: This product will not be effective if you do not employ physical stimulus—stretching via jelqing and/or traction, pumping, heating, infrared, etc. HUNG* simply activates/inhibits key pathways to allow for maximum recovery and protein/tissue synthesis.

OK, now to the good stuff.


Prostaglandins are some of the most ancient stimulus/response pathways in existence, traversing almost all species, especially mammalian. They are named so because they were first isolated in prostate glands. They cause rapid and powerful responses to injury/workouts, playing key roles in estrous cycles and fertility as well as labor induction. First thought to be reproductive only, they are now understood to be a huge part of every tissue in the body. The ones we will focus on are the 1-series (specifically PGE1) and the 2-series (mostly PGF2a).

For all prostaglandins, incorporation of fatty acids and phospholipids in the cellular membranes and strategic response release to various stimuli are key.

1a. PGF2a

Those familiar with my work and the work of others will already be familiar with this pathway. Arachidonic Acid (ArA) content, the primary precursor, can be increased in the cellular membranes—especially in the different muscle types. Subsequently, any stimulus such as lifting weights or other types of “injury”, e.g., stretching, etc.—basically anything that causes sudden deformation and perturbation of the membrane—will cause the ArA to be released from captivity in the membrane and will interact with Phospholipase A2, subsequently leading to COX-2 forming the 2-series prostaglandins. The one we are interested in is PGF2α, an extremely potent and fast-acting healing stimulus. PGF2α communicates with adjacent cells to trigger a sort of outward communication and feed-forward loop which then triggers inflammation, upregulation of pain (to discourage you from further injuring the area), and a rapid induction of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 pathway resulting in tissue repair and growth. In addition, there are some correlary factors that optimize using this pathway.

Note: COX-2 is the enzyme inhibited by NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. By preventing the formation of the 2-series prostaglandins the pain/inflammatory response is blunted, preventing pain.

1b. Beta-Escin

Beta-Escin is a fascinating compound and is the primary active compound in Horse Chestnut, used for centuries to prevent vascular leakage. Beta-Escin, when it comes into contact with cells, causes tiny pores/injury to the membranes, thus releasing the ArA and setting into motion the process described above. By not relying exclusively on the mechanical side (workout, etc.) we get an amplified injury response.

2. PGE1

PGE1 is fascinating. It is derived not from ArA, but from Gamma Linolenic Acid. The pathway is GLA→Dihomo-GLA → PGE1.

PGE1 (in its pure form) has been used for decades as a direct into penis injection that causes rapid and powerful erections. It turns out that by using the GLA (and hopefully DHGLA eventually) to again saturate the membranes similarly to ArA, we can cause amazing vasorelaxation, which allows more blood and nutrients into the tissue and keeps erectile response healthy.

Phosphatidic Acid

I’m going to mention this ingredient next because the process is similar to the above. PA activates a pathway called mTOR, which is THE main pathway involved in protein synthesis. In a serendipitous process crossover (specifically the PGF2a release via Beta-Escin) we will also be triggering the localized release of PA, which will immediately cause protein synthesis in the penile tissue. Being a phospholipid, cellular membranes LOVE it and will suck it up like...well, never mind (wink wink).

TRPV (1 and 4)

The Transient Receptor Potentials are extremely complicated and far beyond the scope of this, but are generally environmental sensors. TRPV1, essentially being both a HIGH temperature sensor as well as noxious chemical sensor, is most well known as the primary receptor activated by Capsaicin (Hot Peppers). The signal resembles a burn injury (which in our usage is only an illusion, with no actual tissue damage being done) which then goes on to trigger the body to deploy their quick response to “heal” the injury, resulting in an anabolic response. We are using a non-painful ingredient, Stearoyl Vannilylamide, to stimulate the TRPV1 receptor without pain. Pain down there sucks.

TRPV4, on the other hand, reacts strongly to stretch stimulus—exactly what we will be using to stimulate increases in size and girth. Not only does it amplify the signal, it also amplifies the repair response of protein synthesis. To stimulate TRPV4, I have developed some ultra pure Andrographolide-Nicotinamide cocrystals for better absorption.

Estrogen Receptor Beta

Shush. I know your first reaction is going to be “Keep that estrogen away from my little, soon to be BIG buddy". Well relax. Many recent studies have shown that ERβ is actually essential for muscle growth (as in blocking ERβ activation will prevent all training adaptations) and without it you are out of luck. ERβ actually serves as a balance to, and blocker of, excessive Estrogen Receptor Alpha effects, which are mostly undesirable in males.

In order to make this work we have two hurdles. First, we need an exclusive ERβ agonist. Second, we need it to absorb. Well, we got it handled here. Using an exceptionally pure Genistein, formed into a (quite beautiful, if I do say so myself) cocrystal with Nicotinamide (I will cover later why I used this as coformer), we have maximized solubility and absorption. Pretty simple, really. Trust me.

Androgen Receptor-Enzyme Interactions

The penis is a bustling metropolis when it comes to sex hormones, receptors, and enzymes, which interconvert the hormones to more powerful and less powerful forms.

1a. 3-AD

In the penis, the tissue responds mostly to extremely androgenic (if less anabolic) hormones. 3-AD is a very potent pure androgen. By making the carrier a version of my extremely effective localized liposomal, we are able to deliver, and keep, the topically delivered androgen restricted to the penile tissue.

1b. Gibberellic Acid

As well, in miniscule amounts to avoid side effects, the plant growth regulator GA does an amazing job of increasing the activity of both 3β-HSD and 17β-HSD, which are both required to turn weaker androgens already existing in the penis (DHEA, etc.) into more potent forms, thus taking a more natural angle.

1c. Propionyl-L-Carnitine

First released by yours truly back in 2004 or so, PLCAR is an amazing compound that I am still working on to make a more market-friendly product. The various forms of Carnitine (e.g., Tartarate, albeit having problems with topical delivery), including PLCAR, are very effective at increasing the number of androgen receptors. More receptors, more potent activity. Simple.


Myostatin (and its inhibition) we have probably all heard of by now for skeletal muscle. While it has sort of a similar role in the smooth muscle of the penis, the worst thing it does is cause something called fibrosis. When previously pliable and healthy tissue undergoes fibrosis, the tissue hardens and becomes less functional. For example, Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of fibrosis, where one side of the penis is restricted and less “stretchy” causing that side to resist expansion/erection and pull that one side down, causing dramatic curvature.

1a. Epicatechin

I first brought isolated Epicatechin to the market with my MyoSynergy product, and while I am still upgrading to make it work more effectively orally, I will be using my latest advancement in HUNG*. The problem with Epicatechin? It has virtually ZERO solubility. In anything. No solubility? No absorption. Well, using a mixture of solvents, I was able to get Epicatechin to form a chemical bond with Apigenin—another great ingredient with low solubility. The two compounds form into a bonded “cocompound” (I'm waiting for verification as to whether we get a full cocrystal or not), which then strangely enables both to dissolve. The addition of a small amount of Alpha-Terpineol to the carrier increases absorption several fold.

1b. Apigenin

Apigenin is a citrus flavonoid that has potent effects in the body (IF you get absorption) including, for our purposes, increases in testicular steroidogenesis and vascular restoration.

Smooth Muscle and Spongy Tissue Relaxation

The penis is a strange organ. Only by RELAXING certain muscles and tissues are we able to achieve an erection. Think the opposite of the anal sphincter. In the formula, I am using an amazing compound called Baicalein. Baicalein induces tremendous relaxation in the Corpus Cavernosum, the primary smooth muscle/spongy blood filled tissue of the penis responsible for erectile rigidity and size. Having horrid solubility...again...Baicalein forms beautiful cocrystals with Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) which also contributes to preventing ROS and RNS damage.


I have to keep this one simple, it being one of the most complicated angles. PTP1β is a ubiquitous enzyme in the body, related to leptin resistance, insulin resistance, and the development of vascular plaques which can lead to atherosclerosis. Truly a miracle discovery, inhibiting PTP1β results in restoration of both tissue and vascular response. There have been some studies showing perfect vascular clearance of plaques in only a few days. Obviously restoring vascular function is a critical angle in this product...and once again we have an ingredient with wretched solubility. Our incredible ingredient is Betulinic Acid, and our coformer is once again Ascorbic Acid. The formation of this cocrystal increases solubility over 17-fold. Inhibition of PTP1β has also been shown to cause a stunning increase in smooth muscle proliferation and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. That one should be a no-brainer.


Nicotinamide is used as a coformer for two of the cocrystal ingredients. As explained before, by codissolving two ingredients with poor solubility together, then evaporating off the initial solvent(s), reduced volume and electrostatic attraction CAN cause the two to form into a "cocrystal" which changes solubility (usually in water) for enhanced absorption. Somewhere in the bloodstream they are cleaved leaving each compound to do its thing.

Nicotinamide (close to niacin) forms the core of the NAD family of energetic and anti-aging compounds. By using Nicotinamide as a coformer, we contribute its wonderful erectile, anti-aging, and growth promoting properties to the formula.


The specialized carrier took me many years to perfect, and is designed to keep the ingredients isolated as much as possible to the area applied. While not getting too detailed, lest someone less scrupulous attempt to copy, what I will say is that as a liposomal stabilizer (usually cholesterol is used) we are using a mixture of phytosterols (structurally resembling cholesterol). Some studies in children have indicated that the ingestion of phytosterols can lead to an early induction of puberty, especially in males, with very notable effects showing in penis growth. Honestly, there’s not a huge number of studies but I figured I would mention it.

****NOTE: Consult a physician before use. A regimen of stretching, traction, jelqing and pumping will be required. Do NOT expect magic if you aren't going to put in the effort. That world does not and has not ever existed. You will get back what you put in. This product is designed to speed up recovery and tissue synthesis which must be stimulated through physical means.****

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