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Defuse 6-pack Sale

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Defuse 6-pack Sale

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The Legendary Fat Gain Inhibitor

Thermodynamics and biochemistry... A couple of mouthfuls that don’t have the potential to make you fat. Calories, on the other hand, do. The feeding of calories into the system known as the human body, and where those calories finally end up, is a highly complex process. A number of sensing and processing pathways are put into play, each dealing with different nutrients (fat, carbs, etc.) that either direct nutrients to be used as fuel, or stored as fat. The fat storage pathways are numerous, but lucky for us can be manipulated, or inhibited, leaving potential jiggly ugliness circulating in the body to be burned for metabolic fuel.

We can’t always remain perfectly strict on our diets (and let’s be honest who wants to?) so for those times (muscle gaining cycles, holidays, vacations) we need a new approach to keeping lean. With Defuse™, we have done just that. The Defuse formula helps to prevent fat gain by preventing the mechanisms for fat storage from working optimally, leaving the body with no choice but to burn that fat away.

Fat Gain Inhibitor
180 Capsules

Acacia Catechu 20:1  200 mg
Platycodon Grandiflorum 20:1  250 mg
Baicalin  75 mg
Rose Ellagitannins  150 mg
18b-Glycyrrhetinic Acid  50 mg
Cinchona Bark Alcohol Extract 20:1  75 mg
(-) Hydroxycitric Acid  125 mg
Taxillus Tieghem 20:1  100 mg
Citrus Aurantium  100 mg
Lotus Leaf 20:1  150 mg
Olive Leaf 20:1  200 mg
Galega Officinalis 20:1  250 mg
Fermented Panax Ginseng Berry 20:1  175 mg
Forskolin 60%  20 mg
Methyl Cinnamate  75 mg
Silibinin  60 mg
Raspberry Ketones  250 mg

Directions: Take 3 capsules, 30 minutes prior to largest meals of the day.

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