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BRITE Full Retail Release

Evolutionary Muse

BRITE Full Retail Release

$ 38.99

 Full 6 ounce final version of BRITE. This is the famous final version that is the talk of the industry as by far one of the most potent and dramatic phenotype-changing products available, causing a rapid browning of white adipocytes. BRITE cranks up your body's thermogenic capacity, causing your fat cells to constantly use fatty acids to generate heat, increasing metabolic rate and using pure fat as fuel.

The Bitter melon seed oil, source of the Conjugated Linolenic Acids and the main fatty acid a-Eleostearic Acid, has been increased to account for the difference in concentration from the original betas. The new formula is extremely effective, with notable rise in body temperature and rapid increase in the rate of fat burning, as well as the long term effects of phenotype leaning.
Each bottle comes with an 1 ml squirter top for easy dosing.


Dosing is 2ml (2 squirts) 3 times per day, yielding a full 30 day supply.


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