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BMP™ Powder - Evolutionary Muse

Evolutionary Muse™

BMP™ Powder

$ 24.99

A New Frontier in Anabolic Supplementation
You will receive one Mylar pouch of BMP™ Powder, 50 grams. This is slightly over a 30 day supply. The powder is generally bland tasting, and should go down easy. It is unflavored.
Dosing is 825 grams twice daily.
BMP™ is easily one of my top two effective formulas, offering an effortless and highly effective/dramatic recomp effect. A simultaneous increase in muscle and decrease in fat is common. Results are seen quickly.

BMP™ > Body Modify: Phenotype
Bone and Muscle Growth Stimulator
50 Grams
Serving size: 1 scoop (~875 mg)
Servings per pouch: 60
Kaempferol Cyclodextrin Complex  75 mg
Rhodiola Rosea (std for Salidroside 11%)  240 mg
Osthole Cyclodextrin Complex  100 mg
Tocopherols (mixed)  600 IU
Ligusticum Wallichii Extract (std for 98% Ligustrazine)  100 mg
Sorghum Extract 50:1  200 mg
Paeoniflorin  100 mg
Methyl Cellulose  50 mg

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