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1. Topical AndroLotion

Evolutionary Muse

1. Topical AndroLotion

$ 29.99

Pre-market Special Customer testers, unlabeled. UNLABELED means watch out for International Shipments...I'm not eating return costs.

Estimated dosage - 1 pump per "side" (bi-tri-delt, 1 pec, 1 leg, etc) 2-3 times per day.

If you are extremely adventurous (Disclaimer: this is not recommended), and male, then apply 1/2 pump to your junk/testicles. Be prepared for a 30 second burn, and an intense increase in aggressive libido.

Allow 30-45 seconds to absorb, and wash hands THOROUGHLY before touching anyone else. For other uses, allow 5 minutes to absorb then wash your junk with soap/water before engaging in sexual activity with a female (male-male, doesn't matter).

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