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 S/N-Eeze Product Beta  v2 FEEDBACK ONLY

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 S/N-Eeze Product Beta v2 FEEDBACK ONLY

$ 10.00

S/N-Eeze Product Beta for sufferers of allergic rhinitis. Please only purchase if you intend to leave feedback.

Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis is an extremely unpleasant condition caused by an overactive immune response to environmental allergens, notably pollens and other airborne particles. Sufferers from this condition find breathing difficult and find things like energy levels affected.

Toll Like Receptors are immune triggers that act as sort of "gatekeepers" (hence Toll Like) for the immune system. Triggering these receptors causes an extreme inflammatory response. For our particular case, in the nasal cavity.

To resolve the problem, we need to diminish TLR-4 activity and reduce immune over-response.

Now, a very potent natural TLR-4 inhibitor is Curcumin. For those familiar with Curcumin we have several hurdles to overcome. First is the absolutely dreadful solubility issue. Curcumin simply does not want to dissolve in water, making it very difficult to work with and get the body to absorb. Second is the color. Now, using Curcumin in a simple nasal spray would make everyone think you've been snorting dehydrated carrot powder. Hey, whatever makes your french fries crispy but most people don't want to go around with orange nostrils.

Luckily for us, we've been working with the major Curcumin metabolite — Tetrahydrocurcuminoids. These are a nice, pretty off-white color with excellent solubility in a co-solvent, while still retaining biological activity.

As I've gone into in other areas, p-Glycoprotein acts as kind of an active pump...sometimes pumping away desirable ingredients, sometimes escorting them in. In the case of AR, we find Hyperactive p-GP activity. As we dialed in the updated BMP product, we included a fantastic ingredient called Sinomenine. This ingredient temporarily reduces p-GP activity. do we administer this? Well, if you've been following along with my Epitome™ advancements you will know that I have been working with things called "Mucoadhesives". These are compounds which, in the right conditions, form a sticky matrix with a high attraction to mucous menbranes — such as the lining of the intestine and the nasal cavities. While we'll be using some acrylate copolymers for Epitome™ due to their resistance to gut enzymes, etc., they would form an extreme mess in the nasal cavity. Luckily my research has brought another angle in here — Silk Protein Peptides. These peptides form a mucoadhesive (until, of course, they are degraded by peptidases in the gut/stomach...which doesn't apply here) that will adhere to the inside of the nasal cavity, delivering our awesome THC (no, not that THC ya' stoner. Go get a Scooby Snack.) directly to the affected tissues.

Now, there are a couple more secrets included in the formula to help keep the sinus cavity hydrated (some emollient properties) but I'm not giving everything away here.

The end result SHOULD be alleviation of Allergic Rhinitis. Since I am lucky enough NOT to suffer from this, however, I need product feedback from y'all. The product is offered, here, at cost. Successful feedback sent to me (doesn't matter good or bad, relying on your honesty) will earn you 2x store credit.

DIRECTIONS: Do NOT can still run for President that way. Spray a single spray into each nasal cavity and tilt head slightly back for a few seconds.

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